Work at Linking Talents

The Ethical Charter defines the principles and values to which Linking Talents and all of its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “the Group” or “Linking Talents”) adhere, and which must guide every Group employee in their daily professional practice.

This Ethical Charter applies to all Group Collaborators as well as to all individuals associated with the Group, such as clients, suppliers, advisors, auditors, consultants, subcontractors, and other intermediaries representing Linking Talents.

Every Collaborator, regardless of their hierarchical level, is obligated to apply the rules outlined below within the scope of their duties and responsibilities and to ensure that these rules are also applied within their team or by individuals under their supervision.



The Group commits to complying with the laws and regulations in each country where it conducts business.

All Collaborators are required to familiarize themselves with the provisions in force within the Group concerning their area of responsibility, to adhere to them, and to consult competent services for additional information and guidance in case of doubt or need.



Human resource management and relationships among Collaborators are based on principles of mutual trust and respect, with the aim of treating each individual with dignity.

The Group aims to implement a fair human resources policy that complies with the law, explicitly prohibiting discrimination of any kind.

Any form of moral or sexual pressure, harassment, or pursuit is strictly prohibited.



Linking Talents ensures the observance of competition rules to ensure fair and equitable competition. No action by the Group should hinder, restrict, or distort competition.

Linking Talents rejects all unfair competitive and commercial practices, including collusion with competitors or concerted practices related to financial conditions, the distribution of services, markets, or clients.

Financial conditions are determined independently, and competitors and clients are free to make their decisions.



The Group commits to honoring its contractual obligations and respecting both the letter and the spirit of its commercial agreements. Collaborators must act with professionalism, integrity, and fairness.

Commercial activities are carried out in compliance with current regulations.

The Group expects its partners to show equivalent commitment in terms of respecting human rights, loyalty in sales and marketing practices, protection of confidential information and intellectual property, anti-corruption efforts, and broader business ethics.



Linking Talents is dedicated to combating corruption, influence trafficking, bribery, illegal interest-taking, misappropriation of public funds, favoritism, or any other breach of integrity in the countries in which it operates.

It adheres to national and international laws regarding the fight against corruption in all countries where the Group is active.

Linking Talents has developed an anti-corruption code of conduct. It is designed to guide the actions and behaviors of Collaborators on a daily basis, especially regarding:

  • Gifts and invitations,
  • Relations with public officials,
  • Relations with suppliers, clients,
  • Patronage and sponsorship,
  • Relations with consultants,
  • Facilitation payments…

These provisions are described in more detail in the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct, which should be referred to for more information.



Linking Talents strives to enforce confidentiality in the use of data, information, know-how, intellectual property rights, and business secrets related to its activities within the Group and in the execution of its contracts. All Collaborators are required to keep confidential any information pertaining to Linking Talents, its clients, suppliers, and Collaborators. This obligation continues even after their departure from the Group.

All confidential information must be kept and remain confidential, unless authorized for public disclosure, as unauthorized disclosure may harm Linking Talents.



Linking Talents commits to providing accurate, transparent, and regular information. The truthfulness of accounts allows the Group to base its decisions on comprehensive, accurate, and reliable information.

Linking Talents and its Collaborators undertake to produce regular and truthful accounts that give a true picture of the financial situation, operating results, transactions, assets, and liabilities of the Group. The preparation of these documents must comply with accounting principles, supported by appropriate documentation issued by parties in good faith.

All documents are retained in accordance with applicable laws and Group policies.

Any fund transfers require special vigilance, particularly with regard to the recipient’s identity and the purpose of the transfer.



Linking Talents ensures appropriate working conditions for its Collaborators, including health and safety, and Collaborators are obliged to contribute to this by respecting the Company’s rules in this regard.

The Group guarantees its Collaborators and stakeholders a working environment free from discrimination based on factors such as gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, status as a workers’ representative, exercise of union mandates, political opinions, disability, age, and any other offensive physical, verbal, or visual behaviors. All forms of harassment are prohibited and will be sanctioned in accordance with national laws.

Linking Talents aims to treat all its Collaborators with respect and fairness and promote equal opportunities in all aspects of employment.

Each Collaborator must therefore respect the safety, rights, and opinions of their colleagues, as well as their cultural or specific characteristics.

Furthermore, Linking Talents expects its leaders to uphold gender equality in the workplace.

Linking Talents does not engage in any form of forced labor. In compliance with international conventions, it prohibits child labor.

Linking Talents offers its Collaborators training opportunities tailored to their field of activities and requirements.

Linking Talents respects the privacy of its Collaborators and protects their personal data.

The Group actively promotes disability inclusion by encouraging the employment and integration of employees with disabilities and providing support to individuals in the event of disability during their professional life.



The Group commits to preserving natural and energy resources, reducing waste production, and harmful emissions into the air or water, and combating climate change. This necessarily involves compliance with current legal provisions related to environmental protection.



All Collaborators of Linking Talents are required to conduct themselves in accordance with this Ethical Charter.

Leaders have a particular role in setting an example in this regard. As spokespersons, they are responsible for answering any questions regarding the principles of conduct and ensuring that Collaborators are sufficiently informed, particularly in their areas of responsibility, about Linking Talents’ values.

Each Collaborator can approach the human resources department for any inquiries related to this Charter.

It is the responsibility of each Collaborator to promptly report any legal violations or breaches of Linking Talents’ rules that come to their attention to their immediate supervisor. These reports should be made in good faith and properly documented. All reports of alleged infractions will be treated with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality, particularly within the framework of the reporting procedure described below. Authors of these reports will not face any reprisals or threats, nor will they be subject to harassment, and their identities will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by the law.

Our business partners will be informed of this Ethical Charter. They are also expected to conduct themselves fairly, honestly, and loyally according to the principles outlined, or else they may no longer engage in business with the Group.



Linking Talents has established a system for the collection:

  • Of reports regarding conduct or situations contrary to this ethical charter emanating from employees of the Group.
  • Of reports of crimes or offenses, serious violations of the law or regulations, threats, or serious harm to the general interest.

For these reports, whistleblowers may benefit from legal protection.