Establish a Long-Term Partnership
We place special importance on being transparent with our partners throughout the recruitment process. We do not oversell candidates. The satisfaction of our partners is our best growth lever.


Available and Responsive
Consultants Responsiveness to your requests is part of our DNA. We display great reactivity, whether in responding to a client's request or in managing a timely application. Being the first to link recruiters with their future hires is our daily challenge.


Quality, Our Priority
We aim to work with you for a long time. To do this, we guarantee targeted applications and ask in return that you take the time to discuss with us about the applications submitted. According to your needs, we present files that contain (as an indication): a report, reference checks (with the candidate's agreement), the result of a technical and/or personality test depending on the entity you contact.


Our Job Expertise as a Guarantee of Excellence
Hyper-specialization by industry is part of our identity. This specialization of consultants, based on a fine knowledge of job skills, therefore allows us to offer a personalized service. For all areas of expertise, we have our own technological tool for sourcing and qualifying candidates, which guarantees excellent service for all our sectors. This advantage is complemented by a detailed analysis of your search criteria and ongoing monitoring of candidate availability.

Our Detailed Recruitment Process

Échange avec le client

1. Exchange with the Client

Job briefing, understanding of the environment, recommendations… This is one of the most important stages of the process: understanding your needs well in order to fully satisfy them.

Offre d'emploi

2. Posting of Job Ads

on our career sites, general job boards, and specialized job boards as relevant.

Lancement des recherches

3. Launching the Search

using our internal tool and, in parallel, on all the relevant CV databases (Stepstone, Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter…).

Préqualification téléphonique

4. Telephone Prequalification

of identified candidates.

Réalisation des entretiens

5. Conducting Interviews

with candidates selected during the prequalification phase (mostly remote interviews). This phase also allows the consultant to collect all the necessary elements to create their “file” (usual documents, technical and/or personality tests if applicable, contacts for reference checks…).

Présentation des candidats

6. Presentation of Candidates

validated following the interviews and sending to the client a candidate file including the following elements: an interview report (highlighting the candidate’s career progression, their skills / industry knowledge and some key aspects of their personality), the result – if applicable – of the technical test, and reference checks (conducted with former managers) with the candidate’s consent. For certain functions (especially sales), we can also, according to your expectations, administer a personality test, the synthesis of which is naturally transmitted in addition to the file.

Organisation des entretiens et accompagnement

7. Organization of Interviews and Support

of both parties (client and candidate) until the job offer is made.

Suivi post prise de fonction

8. Post-position taking follow-up

with the candidate as well as the client. The consultant continues to play their intermediary role and can, in some cases, act as a liaison for one of the two parties.

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